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Ronald F. Rosner Founder and Chairman of the Rosner Automotive Group brings over 47 years of automotive expertise to the "Gateway to the Tropics". Rosner Motorsports is the brainchild stemming from his passion for automobiles. His intent is sharing that passion when you purchase your automobile from him. As a successful entrepreneur,his passion and skill sets are advantageous and have translated perfectly into his current venture. Ronald F. Rosner welcomes you to visit Rosner Motorsports to discover what our current coast~to~coast  clients and aficionados already enjoy. A truly remarkable facility showcasing Exotic, Luxury and Vintage automobiles, all enclosed in a climate controlled 18,000 square foot showroom.

We are not your typical dealership ~ We are not selling  automobiles ~ We are selling Lifestyles"

            Rest assure Ronald F. Rosner has encapsulated his passion for excellence in every detail.


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